Bricks - System F

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This is our predefined system F.

The Bricks series is a refined storage system that emphasises Scandinavian design traditions through fine craftsmanship and minimalistic aesthetics. The simple modular cubes encourage the creation of a personal arrangement. Build it brick by brick and create a changeable storage setting, a room divider, a wall-mounted bookcase, a side table or a display for objects.

Designed by Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup
The two Danish design talents studied together and found that they shared the same aesthetic sense, view on materials and expressions in their designs. With a belief that designers have the opportunity to improve the surroundings, they aim to create honest and functional designs that allows a dynamic interaction between the design and its user. Read more about the designers.

Material: White pigmented lacquered oak/black painted oak
The system includes: 4 x Bricks cube open, 1 x Bricks cube door right, 2 x Bricks cube door left and 3 x Bricks floor base
Country of origin: Latvia

Length: 128,1 cm
Width: 36,5 cm
Height: 117 cm

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