Design has to be enhancing

VOSDING Industrial Design is a thriving German design studio headquartered in Cologne, founded by Peter Otto Vosding. Peter’s educational journey led him through the corridors of Industrial Design in Darmstadt, followed by studies in Product Design and Process Development in Cologne.

His quest for knowledge took him to Ingvar Kamprad Design Centrum (IKDC) at Lund University in Sweden for an enriching exchange semester, supported by a scholarship from the IKEA foundation.

In 2017, he laid the foundation for VOSDING Industrial Design and swiftly gained recognition as a German Design Award Newcomer Finalist. Today, the studio collaborates with international clients, specialising in furniture, lighting and consumer products.

At VOSDING, they consistently strive to merge function, elegance and value into meaningful creations. The studio firmly believes that achieving this balance requires a clear definition of coherent logic in the design process. Whether drawn from geometry, product functionality or material usage, this logic serves as the guiding principle shaping the final product.