Creativity and pure innovation through textile design

Studio MLR is a Danish multidisciplinary design studio with textiles, colours and trends as their area of expertise. The designer behind the studio, Marie-Louise Rosholm, has for the past thirty years run her own studio first in Milano and now in Copenhagen.

The studio believes that curiosity and design method is the foundation stone of all innovation. In the design process, they cross boundaries, in order to achieve innovative solutions to aesthetics and function. With a meticulousness and profound textile knowledge, the studio develops collections and designs rooted in Scandinavian culture, design-language and colour-view.

Studio MLR’s work with patterns and structures recur in the Rombo and Weave series designed in close cooperation with WOUD. With sustainability in mind, the different sizes of the Weave cushions are chosen in order to keep the waste of the fabric to an absolute minimum and the inner cushions are made from recycled plastic bottles transformed into fluffy filings. These are covered in Oeko-Tex certified fabric making the cushions honest from the inside and out.