Appealing design worth keeping for generations

The award-winning Danish design duo, established in 2015 by Pia Würtz Mogensen and Thomas Steffensen, designs from the belief that designs must be able to be passed on from generation to generation. With Master's degrees in Industrial Design and years of experience as freelance designers, their aim is to create designs that add value to their surroundings.

At Steffensen & Würtz they passionately treasure staying relevant and keeping up with the rapid and ongoing developments in the industry and the world. A cornerstone in their work is to conceive designs that utilise the latest production methods and material possibilities while simultaneously being aware of and respecting the environmental and sustainability limitations.

When conceptualising a new piece, the duo highly appreciates offering the user some added value that connects them to the product, even when time passes.

“We believe that design is about creating appealing and functional products that are durable and worth keeping for generations. Whether it is through a feature or the design itself that arouses something in the viewer, such as curiosity or calmness.”

This applies to both the aesthetics and the more technical aspects of the design. The design should be timeless and remain beautiful as trends change. To ensure the functionality of the product for many years, the choice and durability of the material and construction are also meticulously considered.