Geometric shapes transformed into clean designs

The Indian designer and Architect, Saif Faisal, is the founder of the contemporary and interdisciplinary industrial design studio, Studio SFDW. A studio with an international approach and vision, operating across different continents. Besides actively designing he gives guest lectures and talks at design and architecture schools.

With his deep appreciation and insight into cultural anthropology, sociology and technology, his design work is all-embracing and creatively curious. Designing from the idea of creating design solutions that encompass simplicity, timelessness and longevity. Saif Faisal’s fascination for exploring geometry results in clean designs characterised by visually strong silhouettes that at the same time master functional at tributes, while promoting natural materials and thoughtful, accurate design.

The Dew lamp embodies the essential design philosophy of Studio SFDW. Formed by a glowing ellipsoid opal glass, resting on a soft solid wood tray, the Dew lamp is a contemporary take on archetypal lanterns. A shape inspired by the early morning dew laying on the leaves. Being a multifunctional object, Dew is designed to serve different purposes with ease to blend into the modern pragmatic lifestyle. With its portable character, the versatile piece functions both as a dynamic table and wall lamp, while its dimmable feature allows you to change the mood and intensity of the light to suit the specific setting.