Danish design that must be seen and felt

Rikke Frost is a Danish graduate from the School of Architecture Aarhus. Since 2004, she has driven her own creative studio in Aarhus based on the Nordic simplicity. With particular attention to details, Rikke Frost creates designs that should be seen, felt and touched.The style of Rikke frost is recognisable and simple, focusing on colour and surprising features that give the experience of a uniform design. Through combinations of materials and exploring their properties, she adds natural applicability.

“I believe that materials and their combination provide a tactile experience and are visibly and functionally unique”

– Rikke Frost

The profound love for matching materials and soft lines are central for her designs Haak hook, Dot pendants and Verde mirror and table. Rikke Frost was one of the first designers who teamed up with WOUD and with a shared vision, she has been a great part of the designer collective ever since. With her range of products, she has left her mark on the WOUD collection.