MSDS Studio_WOUD_Designers

Meet the ingenious couple behind the Studio

MSDS STUDIO is a successful Canadian design studio that works in interior, furniture and lighting design. The designers behind the studio are Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine. A couple who have mastered to get their name established at numerous of the world’s leading design brands in a few years. We are proud to be able to have three of their designs in our collection.

The studio is dedicated to material exploration, rigour and resourcefulness. With a modern approach to design, they create innovative design that engages contemporary culture while staying true to the inheritance of craftsmanship. Their work synthesises very meticulous considerations of colour, form and space, which results in simple designs.

The Annular pendant was the product that started the collaboration of MSDS and WOUD. The design sparked a love at first sight reaction at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2015 and since then, our collaboration has evolved. With great chemistry and appreciation, the Study lamp and Level daybed joined the WOUD collection.