Moakk and Røpke Design_WOUD

Meet the Danish designer duo - Mark and Rasmus

Mark Wedel & Rasmus Røpke are both Danish designers, having their own studios. Mark Wedel manages his own studio named MOAKK, and Rasmus Røpke runs his  design office, Røpke Design. Together, the duo specialises in furniture design and combines their skills into functional and clean designs. Clean lines and functionality have always been drawing factors for the two designer friends, which also brought them together. The shared visual taste is complemented by their common aim to develop simple design that fulfils the consumer's needs - both functional and aesthetic. 

“Having studied the same line of design, in the same class, working on the same projects with the same ideas, we have always kept one focal point of attention in our design - the consumer”
– MOAKK and Røpke Design

The stringent approach to design views in the Virka sideboard series. The horizontal lines and geometrical frame creates an elegant design and with sliding doors and an adjustable shelf with room to let cables pass through the holes in each backboard, the series beautifully combines simplicity and functionality.