Meet Laurene Bourgeron

The designer of Muse table mirror

Laurene Bourgeron is a dynamic designer from France. In her native city of Bordeaux, she graduated in design from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. She has a comprehensive portfolio of graphic design, product development, communication and designs, which reveals a profound creative urge.

Her curious approach to the whole design process recurs in innovative and playful compositions without compromising her appreciation of pure simplicity.

My creations are unpretentious and deliberately discreet, leaving room for use and function

- Laurene Bourgeron

Incorporating natural shapes in her designs

With a constant desire to explore how materials react and shapes complement each other, Laurene Bourgeron displays inquisitiveness and eclectic approach. Inspired by her surroundings, she constantly seeks to create delicate and refined objects using simple and archetypal shapes.

Her desire to enhance the functionality shows in her design, Muse mirror. Designed with an aim to create a small object that combines several functions and still reveal a simple and discreet design. Muse is a graphic and versatile design. A mirror. A jewellery holder - and an aesthetic decoration. The floral root system and rhizomes inspired the designer, Laurene Bourgeron, to connect functions and the botanic shapes with a clean graphic line.

Muse table mirror

With its circular base, Muse is ideal for make-up and small objects while the wired structure allows you to store jewellery and accessories. A perfect companion in the walk-in, bathroom or bedroom.