Design with personality and a story to share

KUTARQ Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Spain. The Architect and designer behind the studio, Jordi López Aguiló, designs lighting, objects and furniture with a unique and pragmatic perspective. After collaborating with architecture companies in Paris and Copenhagen, he founded his own studio in 2012 in his home town of Valencia.

With the constant challenge of revealing the “soul” behind his objects, he offers the users an aesthetic design with personality and a life of its own. The studio creates both playful and useful objects, along with a desire to discover simple designs.

The studio’s work with clean and soft shapes recur in the Pump table lamp. Inspired by the hot air balloons the luminaire is lifted off the ground. Floating in the air. With its soft opal glass, Pump table lamp is ideal for various spots where a pleasant light is needed.