Artistic designs with a story

Finn Hvidberg Nielsen is a sculptural designer and artist from South Denmark. Mainly shaping and creating ceramics, he runs his own studio and atelier on the small Danish island, Als, called Hvidberg Studio.

He works in the intertwined fields of aesthetics and philosophy. A design process and approach where thoughts, perspectives and inspirations are interconnected and challenged to create new aesthetic concepts and shapes. Resulting in sprightly and admirable creations.



The Meadow lounge chair is his very first launched furniture design. Born and bred in Denmark, he enjoyed spending time in the magical nature during the Danish summer as a child. The design of Meadow is based on one of these strong childhood memories from a fine summer day fifty years ago, exploring the verdant and fer tile grassy fields. A memory that has been transformed into contemporary and sophisticated lines.

“I was sitting in the middle of a spacious, and for me back then, endless green and beautiful meadow. I still remember this state of pure, focused being - completely present and at one with this fascinating beauty of nature”
- Finn Hvidberg Nielsen
A leisurely vibe that the form of the low lounge chair echoes.