Designing with an aim to create pure pleasure

Elisabeth Hertzfeld is a French-American designer. She graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 1995 in scenography. Giving her a holistic and poetic approach to design. With a notable portfolio, she has worked as a freelance designer for various brands developing objects, furniture and interior since 2015.

Fascinated by materials and their transformation, Elisabeth Hertzfeld tries to discover the decent balance between the effort engaged on a material and its effect. With an aim to create pure pleasure, she imagines a behaviour, a way of life, that can be connected to the design. Providing every single product with a story of their own.

“I am looking for the greatest formal simplicity possible trying to find a fair balance between technique, form and material, with no flourish but with poetry”

– Elisabeth Hertzfeld

Elisabeth Hertzfeld was inspired to her design, Tree table, during a walk in the forest around Paris. Enamoured by the lightness created by the trees rising in vertiginous heights, she wanted to reproduce this phenomenon. And tell the story about the tree and its botanic feel.