Stedge add-on shelf (80 cm) - Anniversary Edition

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Introducing the Anniversary Edition of the Stedge Shelf with exclusive brass wires. A celebration of WOUD’s 10th birthday in 2024. With the addition of brass details, this special edition exemplifies the timeless elegance of the original sophistication that marks a decade of WOUD. Being a true WOUD classic, Stedge embrace purism and refined design through its solid oak shelves, fine edges and delicate brass wires.

Designed by Leonard Aldenhoff
A talented designer born in Germany. His background as a trained industrial mechanic and industrial designer combines know-how, creativity and aesthetics. Inspired by technical and geometrical precision his work shows a design characterized by clear forms and selected materials. Read more about the designer. 

Colour: Oak
Materials: Solid white pigmented oak shelf and brass fittings metal wire
Weight on shelf: Max 10 kg
Extend the design with add-on shelves
Number of possible add-ons: Unlimited
Country of origin: Lithuania

Length: 80 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Shelf: 2 cm (at its thickest)

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