Every season, we unveil new creations, including new product families and expansions of our beloved existing series. For us, it is not about crafting mere seasonal items, it is about weaving these new designs into the tapestry of the comprehensive WOUD collection. Each piece tells a story, contributing to the evolving narrative of our design journey, now spanning 10 years.


With our Spring-Summer 2024 novelties, we continue the story of timeless aesthetics and enduring elegance by introducing a celebration of refined materials, soothing colours, together with WOUD’s 10th Anniversary. Designs we invite you to embrace as cherished additions to your home, gradually becoming an integral part of creating that warm, comforting feeling of home.

Do you want to see more?

We have made a selection of catalogues and newspapers from previous seasons. Within these pages, you can access and effortlessly download a curated selection of issues that showcase our design evolution, trends and artistic inspirations. Explore the essence of our brand's journey, encapsulated in these catalogues, folders and issues - or whatever you prefer to call them.