Hinken flowerpot mini

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Hinken flowerpots combine a matt glazing on the outside and a glossy glazing on the inside, which provides the pots with both a smooth and coarse feel. Inspired by everyday objects like buckets and bowls. These were disassembled, mixed and pieced together in new compositions and constructions. Through a playful design process, the distinctive and graphic shapes revealed.

Designed by Ann Kristin Einarsen and Silje Nesdal
A young, Norwegian design duo. The collaboration between furniture designer Silje Nesdal and ceramic artist Ann Kristin Einarsen, is based on a methodical curiosity and an approach where art and design meet. Research in form, format and materials combined with a playful approach to the process is perceivable in their design and products.

Colour: Dark grey
Materials: Ceramic with matt and glossy glazing

Diameter: 10,5 cm
Height: 6 cm

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