Naoya Matsuo_WOUD_Designer

Japanese craftsmanship and Nordic aesthetics in a modern synergy

Naoya Matsuo is a design talent born in Tokyo. He has studied design in Tokyo and woodwork in London. After working in a design studio in London, Naoya established his own studio in Tokyo with the clear mantra to create "forms from structures" not "structures from forms". His intercultural education embraces and combines the finest of Japanese craftsmanship with modern expressions.

Inspired by technical precision his work synthesizes very meticulous considerations of structures and assembling. He uses regular materials and common techniques in order to make the manufacturing process as simple as possible. Without losing the aesthetics, he elegantly masters to merge the functionality and characteristic appearance in a design.

Naoya Matsuo’s significant design the S.A.C. chair was shown in our very first catalogue. The curves of the backrest give the chair the possibility of being stacked without the oak veneered plywood touches each other. Combined with its functional construction S.A.C. takes the balanced and peaceful simplicity from Japanese design with a touch of Nordic living.