Hoop rack - White pigmented oak

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A stick and a couple of rings. These shapes inspired the designer, Jeanette Holdgaard, during a game of ‘ring the stick’ in the garden with her friends. Slide the rack through the centerpiece and choose between three different positions. Together with the minimalistic design, the rack can be used for multiple purposes. Place it in small spaces like kitchens to hang tea towels and kitchen utensils or the hallway to store and display bags together with jackets.

Designed by Jeanette Holdgaard
A talented Danish designer. With a modern expression in mind, she aims to create graphical and sculptural designs that reflect the perception of society. She has great attention to the promotion of new design language and the combination of art and design. Read more about the designer. 

Colour: Oak
Materials: White pigmented oak and painted metal
Hooks: Seven included
Adjustments: Choose between three different positions of the centerpiece
Country of origin: China

Length: 57 cm
Height: 11.5 cm
Depth: 5 cm

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