Laura Bilde_Designer_WOUD

Design should be experienced on a physical and emotional level


Laura Bilde is a talented Danish designer that won the award ‘Upcoming of the year’ at the Design Awards 2016. With a strong understanding of concept, materiality and form, she works across both product and interior design driven by pure curiosity. In 2020 she founded the multidisciplinary design studio, Seche Studio, with a design philosophy to create iconic, simple and timeless design.

Her designs are characterised by the Scandinavian simplicity where aesthetics and function are combined into a sculptural universe. Laura manages to experiment with materials and simple details that bring joy into the use of her design. She is fascinated by how the contrasts of structures and surfaces can affect us and evoke emotions. With a belief that designers and architects can improve and optimise the quality of life through designs and architecture, Laura Bilde aims to create timeless products with clean lines.

Mirror Box emanated from the idea of a simple design with various possibilities within it. With its minimalist design and combination of materials, the Mirror is designed to sharpen the senses. The system creates a perfect balance between functional storage and minimalistic design. the graphic expression makes the mirror just as much an aesthetic decoration.